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Peter Beckwith

(specifies your desired distribution of your estate and personal effects on your death)

Powers of Attorney
(allows some-one else to have legal control over your affairs)

Advance Care Directives
(describes the health treatment you want in the future, if you are unable to make the decision)

Do you have these documents completed and in place?

Have you been putting this off, as most people tend to?

I am Dizzable. My name is Peter Beckwith. I live at Hackney in Adelaide.
I am in my 50s, with several lifetimes of work experience!
I am not yet a recognised Lawyer. I am, however, currently studying a double degree in Law & Mathematical and Computer Science at Adelaide University.

I facilitate and motivate people to get these documents in place. This is my hobby. Charges are very reasonable, regardless of your circumstances. Pensioners and the disabled who are struggling financially will be given special consideration.

We have all necessary legal work done by Adelaide’s most reputable law firms (who are experts in these fields). Your documents will be stored at these legal firms, and you will have normal control over access to these documents. They are independent.

Do not delay it any longer. It takes some time to complete them.

Contact our volunteers to proceed.

Mobile: 0407 0407 80

Email: dizzable@outlook.com

You will have peace-of-mind.