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Peter Beckwith

I want to become Prime Minister or President of Australia in time.
The power and status of this position do not excite me. Australians need to take action to change the status quo!

(I don’t really care which title it happens to be)


I want to save Australia from going down the gurgler.

The Commonwealth Government is paralysed with bureaucracy.

We must stamp out food insecurity in Australia. It is estimated that 15% of Australians have this problem.

The gap between the wealthy and those who live in poverty and misery is increasing. I have lived in both of these realms. This is the cause of a great deal of our crime. We need to close this gap, and start doing it now.

We need to develop a national strategy for energy to service the whole nation, to solve our ridiculous (pathetic), and ongoing, energy problems. I have already submitted my project plan for doing this to Steven Marshall.

Aboriginals – the original occupants of Australia - need recognition in the Constitution, a Treaty, and representation in Parliament. This has been debated for years and years with no solution forthcoming, or even in sight. Failure to do this will have disastrous consequenses. We will lose age-old Aboriginal cultures and traditions.

Australia’s ageing electoral and referendum voting system needs a complete overhaul. The use of IT is the solution to this problem. Due to my previous roles of Computer Security Administrator, Systems Programmer and IT Consultant, I know this can be done well. This should be a priority.
Much of the software required to do this has already been written. I know where it is currently in use, and I know roughly how to modify it to serve all Australians.

I have a host of other important, but less substantial policies, just waiting to be implemented.

Of the many politicians that I have met, only two qualify as reasonable people. They are, firstly, Steven Marshall. He is a good, honest and compassionate man with some foresight. He is ably supported by Esther Tonkin. I do not necessarily support all of the Liberal Party policies though. Secondly, I admire Kelly Vincent (Dignity for the Disabled) and her team for their resolve.

I have had dealings with Minister Zoe Bettison. She responded to a letter of mine in 73 days. That’s nearly one quarter of a year. It was a letter about a life-threating medical condition. I could well have died in that time!

No response was received from Jay Weatherill (currently Premier of South Australia), Leesa Vlahos, or Nick Xenophon to my subsequent letters.

How can these major policies be implemented?

At the moment, a member of Parliament must be elected by the people in an electorate. Amounts of $20,000 must be raised to qualify. This automatically eliminates people on lower incomes. It also limits Prime Ministers to being long-term career oriented politicians, and does not allow for entrepreneurial – or action – people, such as my current preferred candidate – Dick Smith.

I suggest we change the Constitution Act (which would require a referendum) to allow MPs to vote for our Prime Minister and Deputy without any electoral qualification being necessary. This would maintain, but change ever so slightly, our democratic system.

If you have any further constructive ideas, please contact me.

Mobile: 0407 0407 80

Email: dizzable@outlook.com