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AMP Life

(This page is dedicated to AMP Life, once one of Australia's most respected Life Insurance companies).

I am Dizzable. My name is Peter Beckwith. I live at Hackney in Adelaide, South Australia.

(This page is not really functional yet, but read on...)

I am still waiting on my AMP Life Claim Number C173550 to be finalised (settled, or paid out).

AMP Life have ultimately conceded to pay my claim. This came about only after I took my case to the Financial Ombudsman Service of Australia.

The very first thing I would like to publish here is an acknowledgement of the outstanding service of two of AMP Life's staff (that is two of AMP Life's hundreds or thousands of employees).

The first is Andrea Lewis, Customer Service Officer, and the second is Amanda Underwood, Senior Legal Counsel, for AMP Life.

Both of these girls have been absolutely pivottal in processing my eight year claim. They have been both reliable and prompt.

I have not received any response to my letters which were addressed to the Chairperson of the AMP Life Board or the Managing Director of AMP Life.

Over time I will publish more facts on this page. This process - of giving the Australian people the facts of this case - will continue until my claim is eventually settled. Nothing could be simpler: the longer I am forced - by AMP Life - to wait for my claim to be fully processed and paid to me - the more facts I will publish here.

Update 1 - 01-01-2018 (New Year's Day)

Update 2 - 06-01-2018

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Moral outcomes and true justice do not always come from Federal Court of Australia legal cases.