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AMP Life

(This page is dedicated to AMP Life, once one of Australia's most respected Life Insurance companies).

The chooks announce the coming of a brand new year.

My update today will be short, because I really would prefer to be having a Cooper's Pale Ale (or a beer if you like) and cooking my tea.

I have had many thoughts today about AMP Life. I first claimed from AMP Life on the 26th March 2009. It is now 2018 and this claim has not been resolved. At a rough calculation that has been nearly a ten year process. I have a disability, and to be entirely truthful, this did cause some of the delay. If you want to know how many days that is - please email me.

At first thought I would find this unbelieveable. Is that what you are thinking?

Letter sent to AMP Life in 2009


Can anyone tell me: can a person be sued for having thoughts? If you know the answer to this question, please send me the citation of any legal precedents that you know of.

Now, today, I will begin, not with AMP Life, but with the Financial Ombudsman Service of Australia (FOS).

Without the FOS, I would probably never had had my claim approved (but not yet paid out) by AMP Life.

For this, I am extremely grateful to a man called William Southey, a Lawyer, with FOS.

I only have one reservation with the service provided by FOS. Once AMP Life conceded to my claim (via William) FOS closed my case with them. That meant there was no-one to enforce the decision for me. AMP Life seem to delay, or ignore, most appeals I make to them. AMP Life seemed to be, in my experience, most unhelpful throughout the history of my case.

To be fair to FOS, they did say I could go through the whole process of re-opening my case, if I should encounter any more problems with AMP Life.

Don't misunderstand me - the service provided by FOS was excellent. I thoroughly commend the Australian Government for providing this Ombudsman service, which I believe was implemented in the 1970s.

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Moral outcomes and true justice do not always come from Federal Court of Australia legal cases.